More details on Windows 8

Windows 8 tablet OS
Windows 8 tablet


At the end of 2011, Microsoft announced, that they were going to lock the bootloader of the future Windows 8 devices, which didn’t appeal to the users, because of the restrictions it would bring, such as the inability to install another OS on the device, such as a Linux distribution.

Windows 8 OS for tablets
Windows 8 tablet


As a response, Microsoft announced, that there’s going to be a way to disable s-boot and install whatever OS you want, but only on devices with x86 processors – ones, using an ARM architecture won’t support alternative OS’.

Microsoft also announced the official minimal technical specs required for Windows 8 to run on a tablet:

They include a 5-point digitizer, 5 buttons (Power, Rotation lock, Windows Key, Volume up and Volume down), a new Ctrl + Alt + Del combination (Windows Key + Power), 10GB of free user-available memory, 1366×768 resolution, 720p camera and at least one USB 2.0 port. B. A.

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