MoonGBA – latest GBA emulator for Windows Mobile


MoonGBA – probably the fastest Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows Mobile platform made by Xiangpeng Chen -Freeware. Without sound enabled it works almost perfectly on BenQ E72 with 230MHz omap processor and ~20MB of RAM, on devices like HTC Blue Angel and HTC Universal its amazing!

  • Really fast rom emulation
  • Runs on slower PDAs/smartphones
  • Portrait, landscape left/right + fullscreen, fit to screen, vga screen view modes + “antialiasing”
  • Frameskip + frame speed settings
  • *.sav files support
  • Touch controlled pad (activated in settings)


  • Only 3 save / load slots
  • Not quite good sound emulation comparing to other emulators
  • Noticed that it doesnt work on HTC Kaiser


  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or later based device
  • ~200MHz processor for comfortable playing without sound (depends on processor model)
  • About 15MB RAM for loading 4/8MB roms; 20+ for loading 16MB roms



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