Mobile Ads May be Draining Your Battery

Angry Birds for Android
Angry Birds for Android


According to a research, conducted by Prudue University, a rather big part of the battery of most Android devices is being used up by the advertisements in free applications and the tracing services, connected with them. The researchers have monitored the behavior of devices, while running 5 of the most popular Android applications, such as Angry Birds, FreeChess and the New York Times app.

The test was conducted using Android 2.3 Gingerbread and according to the results, the applications actually use a lot less battery than the advertisements. In the case of Angry Birds for example, the game itself uses just 30% of the battery, while the other 70% are used by the tracing software and to load ads. FreeChess also shows pretty much the same results. The New York Times app is comparatively better – just 15% of the power it uses goes to the ads and. Still, the results are conclusive – Android and the applications, written for it, can and need to get better. B. A.

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