Microsoft patenting a solution for a second-screen on mobile devices


Second-screen on mobile devices
Second-screen on mobile devices


Microsoft have patented an interesting solution for a second screen on a mobile device – for instance smartphone or tablet. The general idea, of course, isn’t anything revolutionary with dual-screen devices currently available on the market, but Microsoft’s implementation is a bit different. Their idea is for devices to have a second screen, which uses less power (E-Ink display, for instance) and shows different types of information depending on its position, in comparison to you – whether its facing you or the other way, for example.

The images, which were used by Microsoft to describe their idea, show that the second (low-power) display is actually positioned on the back side of the device and according to the description, it’s going to remain active no matter if the device itself is unlocked or not – this would, of course, make it perfect to check the time or something else and the good this is, that because of the E-Ink technology it would hardly alter your device’s battery life. This idea actually sounds very promising, so we’re hoping, that it’s implemented in future Windows Phone (and maybe other?) devices. B. A.

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