Microsoft: Google had the chance to join the consortium, that bought Nortel’s patents


Google have had the chance to join the companies, that won the Nortel patent auction and participate in the deal. That was revealed by Microsoft’s lawyer Brad Smith in response to Google’s accusations, that Apple and Microsoft are buying the patents to hinder Google’s innovations. According to Smith, Google was offered to participate in the auction with the other companies, but refused to do so. This information will affect the judgement of the Ministry of Justice, currently looking into the auction, and if turns out to be true, the decision probably won’t be in Google’s favor. Meanwhile Microsoft have published a quote from an e-mail sent by Google’s lawyer,in which he’s clearly saying that Google refuses to join the Rockstar consortium,that won the bid afterwords. Still, because it’s just a quote and may be out of context, it’s still not clear who’s right. B.A.

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