Michy’s Installer – complete wceload repleacement!

Have you ever got an “Installation Unsuccesfull” message? Or a “Uninstall failed” message? Or worst thing an “Missing privileges” while installing a cab?
Now this messages are gone. With this installer, which is a complete Wceload and uninstaller replacement, any installation will complete without any problem

Main features:

  • Full repleacement for winceload
  • Select if you want or not to run setup dlls
  • Avoid failing for missing privileges
  • Get the space that an’installed app consumes after installing too
  • Search within your device the cabs you have and select what you want to install
  • Analyze FB_Install folders
  • Batch cabs installation
  • Installation processes can be aborted any time
  • If you are overwriting exes, they will be automatically terminated before installing
  • Advanced cab analyzer (view files contained, shortcut, regs, extract them……etc)


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