MaxSense UI for Windows Mobile devices

MaxSense is based on Manila/Sense 2.5. Unlike the original setup, MaxSense offers you total freedom to re-design your Home layout. All objects are now widget based and there are many customization options available to make your phone truly looks the way you want it. With full screen features and multiple screens, these allow you real estates to put things on the screen which were never possible. The UI design in such a way that it gives you access to the things you use frequently within a touch or scroll. I can go on forever but below summary of the features will bring to light what is there to offer.

Features of MaxSense:

– Full Screen (Wallpapers 960×800)
– 3 Home Widget Screens (Scroll left/right)
– 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs
– Tab launcher screen accessible on all tabs
– Full Taskbar with dropdown features accessible on all tabs
– Widgets (a lot of customization options and more to come)
* Clocks (Analog, Digital, Slide)
* Alerts (Calendar, Call History, Mail, SMS, Alert Display Panel)
* Quicklinks (3 additional program shortcut widgets)
* Communication (Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode)
* Others (Weather, Music Player, Favorite Contacts, Internet Search, Blank Panel)
-General Settings
* Weather Animation (Maximized, Minimized, or Hide)
* Auto-Rotation with accelerometer
* Autolock
* AutoMute
* Taskbar (Maximized, Minimized, or Hide)
* Change Colors for Home Button Arrows and Text

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