Max TF3D Theme Maker

There’s a lot of confusion about what this app supposed to do. It is not a graphic editor which modifies your theme graphics but an app which basically captures graphic components and store them for your later use. Take for example you have installed a theme and you like some part of the theme, you can actually capture these components and then deploy them on top of other themes or rather re-make your own theme based on which components that you like.

1. Up to 100 components and unlimited items can be stored
2. Backup utilities ( for current and original theme )
3. Edit your own components
4. Timer function which automatically deploy random components to your theme over a set time interval.

ALL TF3D – purely graphic files shared amongst all TF3D version
OLD TF3D – for the current standard TF3D
ALL NEW TF3D – the new TF3D version with landscape support including Dutty Custom 2.2 and above
NEW TF3D – the new TF3D version with landscape support excluding Dutty Custom 2.2 and above
DUTTY TF3D – for Dutty 2.2 and above

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