Manila Control – control your today screen

– Copy the cab to the terminal and install
– Use within MC Config Start – Programs – MC
– Tap set menu choose your Manila 2D or 3D and whether those who want to start after reboot.
– To end tap menu – SoftReset

– The application allows the use of today’s windows and 2D/3D Manila.
– To exchange desk, is from Left softkey, but it hardbutoon can assign a, a FTouchFlo and in some models a gesture of activation of the cube. (There’s configure it manually).
– The application does not interpret gestures.
– Close to leave Manila for more available RAM (Right SoftKey).
– Manila You can start at boot or not.
– Eliminates Manila from the list of items today.
– Some entries may appear in Spanish if you do not use a ROM WEE.
– The application does not stay resident in memory so it does not consume RAM.

Is a free, but voluntary donations are welcome.


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