Localphone – cheap international calls for Android

Cheap VOIP Calls for Android
Cheap VOIP Calls for Android


Localphone.com, a leading provider of cheap international calling, today announced the release of their new Android app. Customers of Localphone will be able to make cheap international calls to over 250 countries worldwide using their Android smartphone.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, or customers can visit the company’s dedicated Localphone for Android page. The app uses the phone’s own dialer to make local calls that connect internationally, which means it won’t use up a customers data allowance.

Cheap Android Calls
Cheap Android Calls


“Android’s share in some of our key markets has sky-rocketed, with surveys indicating more than 40% of new smartphone sales in the UK and US going to Google’s mobile OS,” said Paul Cusack, Localphone’s founder and CEO. “Our customers have been crying out for an Android app so we are pleased to announce this new addition to our mobile lineup, and look forward to expanding to further platforms in the New Year.”

The Localphone Android app mirrors the company’s existing iPhone offering, allowing users to:

  • Make low-cost international calls to landlines or mobile phones
  • Manage contacts on the go
  • Send international texts at low rates
  • Check call and text rates to over 250 countries
  • Keep up-to-date with credit

Localphone offers a number of different ways to make cheap international calls and texts. You can call from your mobile or landline using the Local Numbers service. Free VoIP calls can be made from a computer using the Localphone Internet Phone or the customer’s own VoIP compatible device. New customers get a 5-minute free call when they sign up to Localphone via https://www.localphone.com/register

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