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In the course of your link building campaign, you will certainly make use of various tools to achieve your Web Optimization and SEO aims. One of the most commonly used resources in link building is directory submission, that is, webmasters submit links to Web directories in hopes that said links will help their sites get better rankings in search engines and web optimization SEO.

However, the efficiency or lack therefore Web directories as link building resources has been the object of much debate among webmasters, SEO specialists and Internet marketers. Many claim directories are useless nowadays and that you’d better spend your link building time looking for other sources of links. Others still believe directories are relevant resources that can’t be neglected by link builders. Is there a happy medium in this discussion? It seems so. If you are using CMS for your site, make sure you look for the right plungin in wordpress developer to help you to optimize the site using plungin

There are two types of directories that are largely seen as valid sources of link juice. Therefore, submitting your links to such sites may be a good way to move your link building campaign forward.
Which are these two types of directories?
Link building with industry directories

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