LG’s New Smartphones


LG Optimus 4X HD smartphone
LG Optimus 4X HD


For some reason LG had decided to reveal a lot of their new phones before the Mobile World Congress. The most impressive of the device is without a doubt the LG Optimus 4X HD – a powerful Tegra 3 smartphone with a 4.7″ HD display and 1GB of RAM, all of which fitted into a slim 8.9 mm body – impressive, but hardly different from what other companies have to offer.

LG Optimus Vu
LG Optimus Vu


The LG Optimus Vu on the other hand is one of a kind – it’s somewhat close to the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Panasonic Eluga Power with its big 5″ (1024 х 768 resolution) screen, but it’s also very different, because of its 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes it look almost like a square. Still, devices with such screens have proved to be popular in the last few months, so the Vu may turn out to be quite successful, it’s specifications are certainly good enough – it has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, clocked at 1.5 gHz and 1GB of RAM memory, along with the impressive thickness of just 8.5mm.


LG Optimus 3D Max smartphone
LG Optimus 3D Max


The LG Optimus 3D Max is the successor of the Optimus 3D, as its name hints. The device is hardly a competitor for the standard high-end devices, revealed at the Congress, but that again it’s the most powerful 3D smartphone on the market. It has a dual-core 1.2 gHz processor and two 5MP cameras, which along with the 4.3″ WVGA screen and NFC capabilities make it quite attractive.

LG Prada L3, L5 and L7
LG Prada L3, L5 and L7


Last, but not least – LG’s Prada phones – they have just presented 3 of them: the L3, L5 and L7. Once again, the names tell us, what to expect the devices – the 3 is the cheapest and has a 3.2″ QVGA screen, along with a 3MP camera and single-core processor, clocked at 800 mHz. The L5 is a more of a mid-range device – it has a 4″ HVGA screen, 5MP camera, NFC capabilities and once again – 800 mHz processor. The L7, of course, is the most impressive out of the three – it’s processor is more powerful (clocked at 1gHz) and it has a bigger screen – 4.3″ . The camera is the same as on the L5 and so is the OS version, for that matter – they’re both running Andorid 4.0. B. a.

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