LG Optimus 7 will be available in December

As we have noted, LG Electronics was one of the companies that announced smartphones with Windows Phone 7 on the day of the official premiere of the platform. LG are ready to dispel ambiguities, as we reported that the device will be available from all operators and major retail chains for electronics from the beginning of December. However, given the announcement of M-Tel expected smartphones to appear earlier in the proposals of the operator. Among the addition of LG-based applications are DLNA Play To, Voice-to-Text Conversion aloud to text and other so-called. Added reality “(AR).

With the Play To, which is unique to LG Optimus 7 and is based on technology DLNA, users can share multimedia content with other digital devices without using menus for this purpose. So everyone can examine video and pictures taken with LG Optimus 7 on TV or listening to music from your phone over wireless speakers.

ScanSearch AR application is available only for LG drives with Windows Phone 7 with the user in real-time direct access to information about shopping, restaurants, entertainment, banking, time. So reality offline and online world are practically merged to offer a fun experience.

Function Voice-to-Text allows automatic conversion of text aloud and thus saves typing. Thus owners of model series LG Optimus will be free to “izdiktuvat” text update Facebook and Twitter accounts for emails and notes and to achieve a comfortable hands-free communication.

LG Optimus 7 has a 5MP camera which can record 720p HD video and also offers features such as Intelligent Shot, which allows users to make excellent pictures without deal with settings. The panorama mode does it provide the possibility of mounting frame for a comprehensive image of 360 degrees. The phone features a 3.8 inch display with 800 x 480 pixels, 16GB internal memory and battery capacity of 1500mAh.

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