l3v5y CoinToss 0.2 (OpenGL!)


Essentially, you get a coin, and you can flip it. If you hit the “enter” button, or hit “stop/centre” it’ll flip the coin round to have a flat face on the front. It can be skinned by replacing heads.bmp, tails.bmp and side.bmp with a power of 2 for the height and width of the image (preferably square).

something that supports OpenGL ES (can be software or hardware rendering) e.g. HTC Touch Diamond
l3v5yExtendedFunctions (handles window creation, the buttons at the bottom of the screen, window scaling etc) – MUST be installed
l3v5yOpenGLES (contains worker functions, and bits of GLUT/GLU recompiled) – MUST be installed
about 500kb of storage
about 2mb of RAM

Download and more info

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