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I will start by saying my reasons for using Bluetooth stereo headsets so when i give my reasons for liking/disliking them you’ll understand why.
For a long time now i have been keeping a large amount of albums on my phones so it doubles as an mp3 player for me.
The main times i want to use the headsets are…..

1. In the office that is normally very quiet (helps keep my work speed up)
2. In the Gym when they decide to play crap.
3. when i go jogging/walking (to help me to not give up before time. lol)
4. Sometimes to watch TV late at night in bed without waking up my wife.


1. For music and phone calls
2. Back of neck design
3. Very soft and comfortable sponge for speakers that rest on your ear (not in your ear)
4. Comes with a extra pair of sponges
5. Power on/off, answer/end/voice dial/swap/dial last number (multi function key), volume up/down colour coded lighting indicator (Left outer surface of speaker)
6. Play/pause, track forward/backward, hole for mic, mini USB connection port colour coded lighting indicator (right outer surface of speaker).
7. Because of the two different Bluetooth audio profiles (calls & stereo music) it is capable of being activated with two devices at the same time. e.g. listen to audio on your Bluetooth ready PC and answer a call on your cell phone when one comes in. PC music will auto pause.
8. Charges from any USB port.
9. When connected to a PC with the USB cable it will charge and can also be used as a corded headset if that PC doesn’t have bluetooth.

1. For music and phone calls
2. Army Dog tag Design
3. Very light weight
4. Comes with corded Noise cancelling in-ear buds with behind the neck cable design.
5. Comes with 3 sizes of jells
6. Front face of the dog tag has play/pause, volume up/down, track forward/backward, answer/end call (if i left out some functions here, it is because this headset is still new to me and it didn’t come with a detail book)
7. Left of dog tag has standard 3.5mm audio jack
8. Top of dog tag has hole for mic and chain loop
9. Back of dog tag has removable shirt neck clip
10. Bottom of dog tag has mini USB charging port.

My experience… (not based not technical info, just my usage)

Sound quality was to my liking with very nice bass line and at low volume i cold still hear if someone was calling me or have a conversation. At high volume it was enough to block out any talk that was going on around me. Using it with the USB cable on the PC was very nice for PC gaming and was a + that it would charge at the same time. Audio quality in calls was also to my linking but the other party did complain that when wind hit the mic it would make allot of noise. (So it’s not very good for outdoor phone calls if you live in a windy area) the signal range is about standard and it would pause your music if you walked out of rang. It would also auto reconnect and play when you walk back into range. The problems i had with it was the multi function key on the left was right where most people would hold a headset to put it on or take it off of them. And it was so easily activated you could run the battery down when the headset is in the bag and not even know. Or dial the last number unintentionally. (Having it connected to the phone when in bed watching videos on the TV was a big No,No)
The lighting indicator on both sides made your head look like an alienware PC, it’s a good thing you could disable them. I had to stop using them when my 1+ year old rip up the sponges (if anyone knows where i can get the sponge for this model to buy that will ship internationally post the link so i can go get it)

Because i use it in the office and it comes with noise cancelling ear bud (that really do their job) i can only where one side in my ear even at low volume. Using it like this at low volume makes the bass almost none existent. But i have done this with other corded in-ear buds and they still sound good in an office environment. The build quality and look is top notch. It will bring no attention to you from others that you are wearing a Bluetooth headset. The lighting indicator is the Jabra branding on the dog tag (not on the earbuds). With the dog tag under your jersey people would thing you are mad when you are on a call lol. Using it out of the office is a treat with the two buds in the way it was meant to be. If you close your eyes the world disappears. The bass line is the way i like it. And the buds are so soft and light you don’t even feel them. Only because i know I’m not mad, i don’t think the voices are coming from my head. lol (then again all mad people say they not mad. Hum???)
Keys are stiff enough to fall asleep with it on and not accidently press anything but soft enough that it is not hard to use when you are making deliberate presses. I like that it is using a standard 3.5mm jack for the ear buds, so i can change them if i find a corded pear i want to use with it. The mic is on the dog tag so i don’t have to get a pear with a mic. The range is above average and it also auto connects and plays when you walk back into range. I like the quality of the sound in calls but the other side of the conversation say the can hear everything in the background. (So it’s not good to use in a noise environment)

Why i use Bluetooth headsets for music and not corded headsets???
I have had about 10 corded headsets that i can remember. And every last one of them would get hooked on something when I’m moving around and get a break somewhere in the cable. Not one of them lasted more than 2weeks. The cord for the ear buds included with the BT3030 is short in length (it could just about reach my shirt pocket if my phone is in there upside down and i what to plug the ear buds directly into the phone to activate and listen to the radio on the phone with it. (Because it is short i hope it will last.)

Author of this review is Anthony, over the gsmarena.com forums.

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