Island Settlers – a board game for Android

Island Settlers is an imitation of the popular German style board game Settlers of Catan, created by Klaus Teuber.  I’m trying to stay true to the game-play of the original without using their trademarks or copyrighted material.


  • Basic AI (with turn delay)
  • Graphics by Adam Garland
  • Double-tap to zoom in and out, and drag to pan
  • Long press to place a settlement, city, road, or robber
  • Trading resources with the “bank” or foreign traders
  • Trading between players
  • Vibration or beep at beginning of turn based on system-wide settings
  • Portrait and landscape modes supported
  • Texture scaling so the board always takes up the full screen size (please report any issues on your device if it isn’t quite perfect)
  • Persistent settings
  • View results of previous games

Get it now @ the Android Market.


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