iPhone celebrates its 4th birthday

iphone-birthday It has now been 4 years since Apple first launched the iPhone on 29.06.07 and in those 4 years the iPhone has actually changed everything in the smartphone world. Before the iPhone, smartphones were a lot uglier, dumber and most importantly harder to use. The iPhone changed all of that and made what is undoubtedly one of the most important smartphones so far – why? Because ever since, more and more people switch their normal phones for smart ones. And of course, more and more companies focuses mainly on smartphones. Apple’s iPhone has also helped a few other companies rise back from the ashes by inspiring Google to make a competitive OS – Android. So almost everyone who has a smartphone – no matter if it’s running iOS , Android, Bada, Windows Phone 7, etc. should be grateful to Apple and Steve Jobs – without them this probably wouldn’t had happened.

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