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Well, the 2nd generation Apple iPad is going to be launched soon. The anticipations and rumors are huge. People are speculating about the new specs and features that are going to be implemented in the new iPad. But why a new iPad? The marketing is growing and so is the competitions among the iPhone makers. But as we all know, Apple is the best and definitely wants to be the best for ever. The demand and love for Apple’s iPads are marvelous and perhaps that is the reason for the production of the new iPad2. So, let us go through the up coming features quickly.

Cameras And Gyroscope:

According to the latest news, facetime support is given in the new iPad2. It means that iPad2 might have a front facing camera like iPhone4. Also the EETimes says that Apple has been testing gyroscope but it is not decided whether to put it on original iPad or not. The images of iPad2 were out on 10th December 2010 which revealed that iPad is going to use a rear facing camera.

iPad 2 More Features: A USB port and SD card slot:

According to Buzzbizz news iPad2 is also going to feature a USB port through which it is possible to upload short films, documentaries, movies and photos. But Apple is moving fast and increasingly towards wireless. The iPad will print wirelessly too. So, what is the necessity of adding a USB port?Perhaps the iPad2 will contain a microUSB port or adapter for charging purpose. Isn’t it amazing?Yes, of course. Let us have focus on several other features. The images also reveal that it is going to feature a SD card slot.


There has been rumors that Apple is going to design an iPad which will work with both CDMA and GSM networks. It is known that Verizon in USA is using CDMA technology. This feature will enable the iPad to connect to Internet anywhere in the world.

Thinner And Looks Like A MacBook:

The new iPad2 looks sleek and designed great. It will look more like Macbook. It is made up of single piece of metal and of course no pin is needed. The elegant screen from iPhone4 is taken towards the iPad2. So, you will feel like using an iPhone. The screen resolution is increased by many pixels and massive screen is going to offer a great display. Also retina display is going to be a huge challenge for Apple. We do hope Apple will definitely resolve it and offer us the best product in terms of iPad2.

Well, Apple’s rivals have already implemented 7 inch screen and we hope Apple is also going to make it possible this time. Apple is also going to offer HD video camera and a 2GHz processor.

The release date of the iPad2 is expected to be the spring of 2011. Till then let us wait and keep on speculating what new features re going to be added up to the elegant device called Apple iPad2.

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