iPad 2 – review of the top gadget of 2011

iPad 2 has taken the market by storm feeding the hungry consumers who were waiting for the improved version of the original iPad tablet. With its super sleek space-age design and light weight with a thin body, it definitely has become the hottest gadget of 2011.The two cameras fitted both on the front and back side of the tablet computer really makes it a stand-apart gadget. Don’t go on their size because they can make big things happen. With FaceTime video calling, you can enjoy a real time face-to-face video chat with your friends and favorite people. The back camera will let you share your surrounding with them as well.

You can also use the back camera for movie recording and then use the super-cool iMovie application for editing. You can take pictures too; and add them to the Photo Booth to do some wacky editing of the pictures and then share them with friends and family. Both of these features were missing in the original iPad.

But that is not the only thing which makes it more preferable than its older model. It is an amazing 33% thinner and 15% lighter, making it super light. It is so light, that when you pick it up you won’t even feel such heavy technology in your hands and you might not even want to put it down.

iPad 2 has improved sound speakers and battery life which is extended to 10 hours, so you can either use it for a week of communication while traveling or for watching movies undisturbed. The processor in this thing has also evolved from A4 processor to dual-core A5 processor; so now this gadget has become super fast times 2. You can send e-mails, browse the web, jump from one application to the other and play HD games with a greater ease.

The graphics on iPad 2 are 9 times faster, so with improved graphics performance, the gamers can enjoy a smoother and more realistic experience. Another great feature is that Apple has launched a Smart Cover for this smart tablet in 10 different colors. The Smart Cover is very light weight to perfectly match the machinery. It is clipped on to the iPad 2 with a magnetic hinge. The cover puts the tablet to sleep and when it is lifted the computer wakes up. It can also be folded behind iPad 2 to make its light-weight portable stand.

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