IP camera monitoring software for Windows Mobile

RC Camera v2.1 (Windows Mobile app)  for IP-cameras (AXIS, TRENDnet, Panasonic, Ipux, D-Link etc.)

Application uses a jpeg-mode of a camera (to reduce the traffic). The communication with the camera is accomplished by the use of CGI-commands. The definite commands are set in the camera working profile. Included profiles allow the communication with TRENDnet, AXIS, Edimax, Ipux, Panasonic, D-Link and Linksys cameras. The ability of setting user’s profiles, let the application be set for any IP-cameras, supporting CGI-commands.

To set the connection to the camera up one should:
1. Fill in the parameters of your camera, choosing the ready
profile or setting a new one (“Menu/Settings” menu point).
2. Check them up (“check” button).
3. Add the new camera to sources list (“add” button).
4. Save the settings (“OK” menu point).
5. Tap on the menu point “Start” in the main window.

The basic operation can be chosen from the context menu (tap-and-hold). A tap on the image renew it despoticly. Double tapping on the picture switches the full-screen mode. The folder for the saved snapshorts is set in the settings menu. The sliding movement a finger on a screen can be use for operating a camera’s PTZ-control.

To display the program messages correctly in the localized versios of the Windows Mobile, the resource files System_SR_ENU_wm.cab (for Compact Framework 2.0) or NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab (for Compact Framework 3.5) should be installed.


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