Industry, Directories and SEO

Industry directories still are respected nowadays because they are more relevant than their typical general counterparts. Think about it: ifyou are looking for, say, anime Web sites, wouldn’t it be much easier for you to find them in a directory specialized in anime and manga? Youprobably said “yes.” Google’s engineers are aware of this fact. This is why links which come from industry directories tend to carry moreweight. As a result, when you start your link building campaign you must keep in mind the niche your site or blog belongs to and search forrelated directories.

Web developer Guide is a wedsite that offerfree resourse on how to seo and which directories to use and which to avoid Link building with regional directories.

Before approacing directories, make sure your site is well design and if you are usign WordPress Theme or
Joomla Template make sure they are W3 Standard.

The same principles explained above also apply to regional link building. If your Web site or blog appeals to local clients rather than to an international audience, it is a good idea to look for regional directories. In fact, you may want to do it even if your Web business does not necessarily caters to customers living in your area.
Local search is a hot SEO topic these days. Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore this point while link building.

Finding appropriate links for your Web page may not be the easiest of all tasks. However, if you use the right tools–or the right directories as the case is–you can rest assured that your link building efforts will pay off eventually.


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