In house Software Development Is An Unnecessary Overhead

These days of restricted budgets and cutbacks are causing many businesses to find new ways of achieving their business goals. The old days of having a department in house for every aspect of the business are long gone in most small to medium businesses. Even the larger companies are seeing the sense in outsourcing non essential functions.

Using external companies to provide solutions is not new to many, but often there can be perceived problems with this way of working. There can be a fear that an outside company will not be as accountable as an in house team. This is not true anymore as the global market has become a place of efficient outsourcing teams driven quite often by Lean principles. Lean outsourcing can provide any business with a definable and quantifiable experience.

There is one business function that impacts on many businesses today and that is the development of specific software requirements, tailored to a specific in house need. Most businesses do not have specialist code developers; software outsourcing would seem to be the best way to move forward in this situation.

It would be reassuring to know that your chosen software outsourcing company also used lean management principles in its daily structure so as to give the most efficient and cost effective outcome. There are a few leaders in this field and many that do not use lean principles. Always choose one that has the reassuring badge of ‘lean’ processes as these techniques are proven to be time and resource efficient. This efficiency leads to outcomes that are more effective and inevitably cost less or at worst no more than other less organised businesses that do not follow these principles.

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