IMDb Mobile final version

Important Info
1. This application downloads a lot of data. Please ensure you’re using an unlimited data plan
2. The “Download Thumbnails” feature is unstable. If you’re experiencing a lot of errors, switch this off & soft-reset the device.
3. The application downloads data as-required. Therefore a constant data connection is preferred. Areas where signal is intermittent may cause errors

– Screen/Orientation Independant
– User Ratings/Reviews
– External Reviews
– Search Movies/TV/Video Games/Actors
– Finger-friendly interface
– DVD Covers
– Actor Headshots
– Trivia
– Quotes
– Photos
– Top 250
– Coming Soon List
– Videos/Trailers
– Goofs
– App-To-Date Support
– TV Episode Listings
– Parental Guide Info
– Movie Certificates

.NET Framework 3.5


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