HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphones

The Windows Phone 7 OS is taking smartphones to the next level of functionality.  Smartphones built on this Windows operating system are able to do more than ever before.  While Apple has enjoyed a strong position within the smartphone market thanks to the iPhone, Microsoft is using its Windows Phone 7 to provide Apple with serious competition.  Two of the most popular Windows Phone 7 smartphones are currently made by HTC.

The HTC Surround for AT&T harnesses the power of Windows Phone 7 to create a top notch smartphone.  The Surround features a 3.8 inch touchscreen.  This touchscreen makes the phone very easy to use.  The space offered by this touchscreen also ensures that using the phone is a fast experience.  Best of all, the touchscreen also makes it fun to use the Surround.  Speaking of fun, the Surround offers a five megapixel camera.  Instead of needing to carry around a digital camera, you can take great pictures with your smartphone.  This means that no matter where you are, if a great picture opportunity pops up, you’re always ready to shoot on the go.  In addition to pictures, the Surround also shoots HD 720p video.  This is perfect for capturing fun moments with your friends and family.  To store the pictures and video you capture, the Surround includes 16 GB of internal memory.  HTC Surround also provides quality battery life.  This smartphone offers four hours of talk time.  It can also last for eleven days on standby.  Because of this battery life, you don’t have to worry about always keeping a charger with you.

The HD7 is also a Windows Phone 7 from HTC.  This smartphone is for T-Mobile.  This smartphone’s most noticeable feature is its screen.  The HD7’s touchscreen is a full 4.3 inches.  This is obviously quite large when compared to other smartphones.  Because of its larger than normal size, it’s very convenient to use.  The screen makes it easy to ensure that you touch what you want, and not something else by accident.  The large screen also makes it easy to type very quickly.  This phone is the perfect showcase for all the features that Windows Phone 7 has to offer.  With the HTC HD7, you can quickly access your social network accounts.  You’ll always be in the loop about what your friends are doing.  You can also balance your business and personal life by accessing your corporate and personal email accounts.  The HD7 also increases your productivity by providing mobile versions of the best Office apps.  When you’re not busy working, you can use the HD7 to keep you entertained.  The HD7 offers Netflix streaming.  This allows you to stream thousands of movies directly from your smartphone.  Because it’s a T-Mobile smartphone, the HD7 has T-Mobile TV.  This provides you with on-demand access to a wide selection of popular TV shows.  The HD7 tops off its entertainment options with XBox Live.  Even when you’re not in front of your television, you can still enjoy all of the gaming features of XBox Live.

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