HTC Wildfire and app sharing

At the last count there were some 70,000 apps available through Android Market and designed for Android based mobile phones. Although this is somewhat less than the 200,000 or so that are currently on demand in the Apple App Store, the apps for Android are still quite considerable. You can get apps for anything; recognizing a song, GPS, food recipes to ordering a pizza – it is an understatement to suggest that apps have revolutionalized the way in which we use mobiles and the approach in which we take to many things in our daily lives. If you are looking for cheap mobile phone deals for your next phone then head over to comparison sites like Best Mobile Contracts.

However in the past apps have been a very personalized entity in that because of the thousands out there it is often the case that you will have a useful app that your peers do not. For sure you can tell them at a later date about some of the cool apps that you have downloaded but wouldn’t it be easier to do it immediately and also include a link straight to that app? You can find the cheapest Wildfire deals by comparing the market.

With the new HTC Wildfire you can do just that. Designed as an entry level phone to the Android Market the HTC Wildfire is trying to capitalize on the success of its the HTC Desire and convert users onto the Android operation system. The HTC Wildfire features a widget that can inform your friends and family of a new app that you recommended through either SMS, email or through your social network. Instead of having to write a text message or phone them, it can all be done at the push of a button with a specific link so they too can enjoy all the benefits that your new found app has to offer in seconds.

The HTC Wildfire will be available from July and looks set to take the budget Smartphone market by storm and, at the same time, convert a whole new batch of mobile phone users to the Android operating system.

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