HTC Touch Pro – using camera LED as flashlight

hTorch is just a FrontEnd programmed as an extension for TorchButton. NetRipper deserves most of the credit because my application uses his TorchButton v1.1 application underneath.
hTorch is built for the HTC Raphael (aka HTC Touch Pro) and has only been tested on this device. PLEASE NOTE: Use this application at your own risk!


The program installs itself into “%ProgramFiles%\hTorch” and also creates a shortcut into %StartMenu%\Programs\Accessories. The further usage is as simple as possible. Start hTorch using the shortcut. On program start the LED will automatically be turned on and you will see the programs main screen. On the main screen you can enable and disable the flashlight as needed using the bulb button or exit the application using the exit button. Both buttons are also available as soft key. On Program exit the torch will automatically be turned off.

PLEASE NOTE: The flashlight will by default stay on for a max of 300 seconds to prevent burning the LED. Please also note that the LED can not be left turned on while the device is in standby. So if you want to use the torch for an extended period please make sure to configure your power settings accordingly or to tab the screen from time to time to keep the device awake.

More info and downloads – here.


  • This program requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to run. If you are not sure if you have the Framework installed or which version you have installed please follow this instructions
  • If you have TorchButton installed on your device, you should uninstall it before installing hTorch

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