HTC Touch Pro GPS lag problems – fix

htc touch pro gps lag problems

A. With Advanced config 3.2…ol-32-cab.html

1. disable A-GPS
2. disable GPS logging
3. logfile name must be empty
4. old logfile name must be empty
5. maximum size of logfile must be 0
6 delete the files : \windows\GPSLogFile.txt and \windows\GPSLogFileBack.txt

7. it seems that if TomTom is installed on a fast microSD decrease the lag(have to test to be sure)

With those changes car usage will be quite perfect

B. Then edit registry with TotalCommander

Under: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\

– Drivers\GpsOneDevice\PollInterval -> 100 (default is 1000)
– Drivers\InputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
– Drivers\OutputBufferSize -> 512 (default is 4096)
– Drivers\SleepOnNoData -> 100 (default is 1000)
– Multiplexer\MaxBufferSize -> 512 (by default not present, you have to create it)

Tests to be done with buffers at 256…seems to be a little better
Tests to be done with other PollInterval value…seems to “drain” battery

With those tweaks pedestrian usage will be much better but not perfect.

Original author’s thread – here.


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