HTC Touch Pro 2 tweaks

This is the latest version of HTC Touch Pro 2 (HTC Topaz) tweaks. Note: Use it at your own risk!!! Must be install in Main Memory

Topaz Tweaks v1.2 consist of the following tweaks:

1. 2 Way Plus InCall Recording

2. Enable SMS Wake up Event

3. Boost TFL3D Performance

4. Enable Manual Screen Rotation (Portrait/Lanscape)

5. Enable Burst, Sport, Video Share Mode

6. Increase Maximum Picture Size in Burst, Sport & Panorama Mode

7. Prevent screen switching off during phone call

8. Four icons in a row in WM Programs/Settings screens

9. Move Emails & Attachment to Storage Card

10. Enable Better Power Management

11. GPS Performance Tweak

12. Unlock TouchFLO 3D Program Launcher Tabs

13. SD Card Tune Up

14. Speed Up Camera Capture Speed

15. Increase volume during call (NEW)

16. Disable SMS Send Notification

17. Set Phone End Key Delay to 0 second (NEW)

18. Use Manila in landscape mode (NEW)

Removed: Change Bluetooth Device Name.
You can still change the Device Name using the following step.
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Bluetooth\Settings change the String Value “LocalName” String to your perfered Name.


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