HTC Touch HD video converter

1. Download
2. Unpack the RAR to a directory of your choosing (on your computer).
3. Run Encoder.exe
4. Select the videos you would like to encode and the output folder, hit “Start!”. If you like you can tweak the options, but the pre-set options will produce good video for the four devices mentioned above.
5. Once finished encoding, transfer the encoded video to your device and use Album (or WMP) to view them.

Do not use Coreplayer and complain about performance! Coreplayer can not utilize hardware acceleration yet and is slow!

If your source videos are SD (DVD, PAL etc), use the default 600 kbit/s or 500kbit/s.
If your source videos are HD (1080p/720p), use 750kbit/s.

Remember, there is absolutely no point to use higher bitrate, because the quality won’t really increase and you will use more battery life with higher bitrate! Also, if you are using less than WVGA resolution, you can apply less bitrate. The approximate formula is (YourWidth*YourHeight)/(800*480)*bitrate. So as example for QVGA you would use 4x less bitrate.

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