HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) Android V0.2 alpha

Build Information
Android Version
: 1.5
Kernel Version: 2.6.27

Download Link (Thankyou Bastardop)…ne-v0.2.tar.gz (Thankyou chalid)…ne-v0.2.tar.gz (Thankyou imRaJlm)

Videos Running Android on Blackstone (Version Alpha 1) (Thanks zenkinz)
How To Install & Run
Backup All your SD Card Data.
Extract All file to root folder of your SD Card.
Run haret.exe

Tips & Tricks
Power Managment:
Disable Auto adjust backlight in Windows (Setting->System->Power->Blacklight). By disabling Auto backlight in windows will let Android control blacklight save lot of power usage.

Look & Feel:
After selecting wallpaper you will get a screen with box on wallpaper which u have selected. Click and hold on inside corner of the square box and resize fully for a good quality wallpaper.

Known Issues
Wifi – Not Working
GPS – Not Working
Bluetooth – Not Working
Power Button – Not Working
G-Sensor – Not Working
Some Memory Card namely transcend don’t work.



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