HTC Touch HD 2 to run Android

In a world overflowing with full touchscreen handsets, HTC’s design and build quality is among the best. Recent handsets supporting that statement include the myTouch 3G, the Hero, the Hero and of course the Touch HD seen above. HTC fans may have new cause for celebration today as a rumor suggests the sequel to the the device that started the “HD” naming trend among handsets may be on the horizon. Register Hardware reports that conversations with HTC have drummed up some info on the upcoming Touch HD 2 (or more likely touch “HD2″ to maintain the Pro, Pro2 format). The blog reports that HTC’s upcoming HD sequel will run Android as opposed to Windows Mobile as found in its predecessor; a move we wouldn’t mind at all. Other rumored tidbits include a faster 628 MHz processor, up from 528 MHz in the original HD, and a 3.8-inch touchscreen display just like the HD. The presence of Android could lead to a capacitive screen however, though that’s just speculation on our part.

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