HTC Touch 3G live videos

The successor to a category-defining original… the HTC Touch 3G propels you even further into the touch experience, making voice and text communication, web browsing and media playing more pleasurable than ever before. The device as shown of certainly appears capable enough, and does pay homage to the very popular HTC Touch, which sold more than 2 million units. The Touch 3G however improves on the original Touch by adding a faster processor, more RAM, HSDPA and 3G, and adds HTC’s latest user interface innovation, TouchFlo 2D, which also brings a full version of Opera Mobile and a Youtube client.


2.8-inch touch screen, with four times the resolution of most phones.
Powered by Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional.
Next generation TouchFLO user interface, responding perfectly to your finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the web and launching media.
Small, lightweight design available in a range of vibrant colours.
Surf and download at broadband speed with HSDPA internet connectivity.
3.2 megapixel camera for quality stills and video.
microSD™ slot for expandable storage.

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