HTC Snap – SSPL, HardSPL and original SPL by JockyW

Here you will find all stuff to flash cooked ROMs on your HTC Snap 511 (Willow).

The sspl/hardspl are confirmed to work fine on the HTC Willow platform (HTC Snap 511).

It will not work on the HTC Maple platform (Dash3G). Running this sspl on a Dash3G will definitely brick it. Also the HTC CEDAR platform (Ozone) is not supported. For the Dash3G and Ozone I have already developed a sspl/hardspl.

The packages contains a SSPL, HardSPL, patched ROM updater and the original Snap S511 SPL. The package is based on SPL v0.34

1. remove SD and SIM cards (don’t forget otherwise the sspl is likely not to work!!)
2. connect your device to your pc with a USB cable and wait until it is synced
3. extract the file “Snap S511 HardSPL by” and execute “auto.bat”
4. follow all instructions given on screen: first the sspl is copied to the device and executed. You must confirm running JumpSPL on the device: first time you must click Yes to allow it to run, you also must click the trackball to continue execution of JumpSPL. The device display will turn dark and after that the romupdate tool will install the hardspl on your device. (the identification string in the tri-color bootloader screen is “0.34.Hard”)
5. to test the sspl and the hardspl you can flash a splash screen

Once the HardSPL is installed on your device you can flash any cooked or original ROM.

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