HTC Snap review (part one)


In The Box

HTC Snap, Battery, USB Cable, Stereo Headset, AC Adaptor, Documentation Kit, Application Disc, Getting Started CD, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Information.

You know what to expect by now from HTC in a mid-range device and it is all here. There is nothing too exciting and nothing missing. Let’s move on.


I had a play with a Snap a couple of days ago and was blown away by the design and general usability of the device, but a longer play has led me to feel slightly less enthusiastic. The screen looks small in comparison to the keyboard and there is a lack of personality to the entire look. Don’t get me wrong, this smartphone is a smart looking cookie, but it screams business from every plastic pore.

The materials used and the colours for the keys, metal middle section and back are perfectly in tune with each other and this makes for a pleasing to the eye device which will not grab undue attention.

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