HTC Snap real pictures



PPCGeeks user OnionBuckle has managed to snap pictured of Sprint’s version of the HTC Snap. Apparently the device is set to be released at the low price of $149, and battery life is particularly impressive, mainly due to the massive 1500 mAh battery.

From the screenshots the device is set to feature 192 MB ram and 256 MB flash storage, and be powered by a 528  Mhz Qualcomm processor. Interestingly, while the device retains the Inner Circle feature, the keys themselves do not appear as large and inviting as HTC’s version.

Additionally the trackball has been replaced with a D-Pad and the soft touch matt finish with glossy plastic.  Also WIFI appears not to be present, making this version seem a rather poorer cousin to what T-Mobile will be selling.

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