HTC Snap coming to Verizon in 9 days

According to the BGR’s ninjas, the HTC Ozone, Verizon’s version of the HTC Snap, will be showing up online on the 29th June, with general availability arriving on the 13th July.

Verizon’s version is full featured, with WIFI, GSM and EVDO, but seems to lack any version of Inner Circle.  The D-Pad is recessed, and looks like it may be optical.

Apparently the device with feature Microsoft My Phone compatibility, Visual Voicemail, VZ Navigator, and Internet Explorer 6 mobile.

We don’t have any more detail on pricing, but I guess we wont have to wait too long for more information to become available.

Edit: BGR now reports pricing of $119.99 on a 2-year with a $70 mail in rebate involved in there somewhere.


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