HTC S740 tweaks and tips

To disable threaded txt (1st thing I always do!) takes a reg edit:


Under the registry key, create a new DWORD value with value name as SMSInboxThreadingDisabled and set it value data to 1

You only have to add the following key to your registry for defaulting to abc mode instead of the annoying XT9 (see CM_ENT~1.001 in HTC_Touch_Dual_t9_problem_patch.CAB):

Key Name:

Value Name:

Value Data:

Other tools:

CHomeConfig – Configure your Sliding Pane
clockontop – Display digital clock on top bar and make avalible on all screens (except home)
Dr.Gonzo Clear Fonts – Installs clear fonts (beautiful)
HTC_Touch_Dualt9_problem_patch – Disables XT9
mixtapeking1900-turn-sms-sent-notification-off – Disable “Message Sent” notice from SMS
moBluev2_1_setup – Receive bluetooth files to Storage Card
SMSBubbles – Display new SMS message on home screen.


spreset – soft reset
QuadSMS – Automatically resolve phone numbers to contact for SMS and Delivery Report
VGA MusicID – Music ID


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