HTC Radar and HTC Titan – official presentation

HTC Radar and HTC Titan official presentation.

The official presentation of the two phones with Windows Phone Mango, that HTC added to its portfolio – HTC Radar and HTC Titan, only confirmed our initial positive experience for both phones. HTC Titan strongly dominated by its huge display with digonal of 4.7 inches, which it very close to the category of tablets, but HTC Radar also impresses with its presence.

Resolution of the HTC Titan is 480×800 px, which is rather below our expectations, but the limitation comes from the fact that when Windows Phone does not work with higher resolutions. On the front, HTC Titan has a 1.3 megapixel camera that users can use with Skype, which we expect from Windows Phone Mango. HTC Radar in turn is a lower class, but its characteristics also deserve attention. While HTC Titan works with 1,5 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 16GB of memory, HTC Radar has a CPU operating frequency with snapdragon 1GHz and 8GB memory. The main camera is 5 MP and another one for video calls is with VGA resolution.

Both phones but will be sold with Windows Phone Mango and expect to bring pleasure to their users by integrating the platform with various social networks , Internet Explorer 9 work with multi-tasking and everything else that Microsoft promised us in the next major update of the mobile operating system. Both phones will be on the market in early October at prices that currently the company did not report.

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