HTC Mondrian (HTC Spark) new pictures

It now awaits the arrival day of the official Windows Phone 7 sales in Europe, currently scheduled for October 21, 2010. This martphone is equipped with the new mobile OS, Microsoft made their appearance one by one, including stolen images, videos and confirmations. In SMEI ago we saw a little preview of a supposed HTC Mondrian, now there’s new images of a hands-on, only the name that appears on the terminal is HTC Spark.

In fact, one of the pictures you can see the name that appears on a screen. This is probably the umpteenth case of HTC device with different code names, but with the same hardware. It appears that the HTC Spark reproduce in full and for all that we saw from the Mondrian. Probably the two different names refer to different areas of marketing of the phone, perhaps with distinction United States / Europe. For now, we talk only of “speculations”, the details will come in about twenty days.

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