HTC HD2 WP7 Mango, Build 7740, HD2O ROM v1.24 – fully unlocked!

Here is the world’s first completely unlocked HD2 Windows Phone 7 custom ROM from HD2Owner!

HD2O WP7 custom ROM

HD2O WP7 custom ROM


  • World’s first completely unlocked HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 ROM
  • Developer unlocked and keys to prevent relock (Chevron unlocker not needed)
  • Some useful apps
  • Identifies as HTC HD7 for Marketplace access
  • Registry optimized and ready to use
  • Camera shutter sound disabled when master volume 0
  • Never option in lockscreen timeout settings
  • 3G toggle
  • 11n WiFi enabled
  • Hidden option in ease of access settings enabled
  • IE favorites added
  • Camera settings languages fixed
  • Camera soft shutter button
  • Enhanced camera settings/options

All HTC HD2 devices (512mb and 1024mb)

1. WM6.5 rom (if you come from Android nand directly, WP7 might not boot)
2. Hard SPL 2.08 (for tmous leo use hspl 3)
3. Radio 2.15 (576MB ram compatible)
4. MAGLDR 1.12/1.13 (v1.13 included in release)
5. SD Card needs to be in device (good performing card – will be formated!)

Windows Phone 7 version info: 7.0.7740.0 (Final Mango)
ROM / Keyboard Languages: 21 of 22 Mango languages (0804 excluded)



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