HTC HD2 (HTC Leo) 3D driver patch v1.1


This patch focusses mainly on a modified OpenGL ES CM, but a CL wrapper is also included (adaptation of NuShrike’s CL wrapper) and so is the TG-01 D3D driver. The latter is faster than the D3D driver that comes with the HD2 (Leo), but it’s still not very fast. For many HD2 (Leo) users several OpenGL games and apps do not work properly, are very slow, or stutter. This patch aims to fix these issues somewhat. A number of people have helped to test various apps and games with various revisions of this patch, but there’ll be some issues with it or in combination with app X and games Y and Z, etc etc.

There is a very important thing to know about this patch, and that is that it has two modes of working around the current issues. “Normal” mode and “Anti-Stutter” mode.


“Normal” mode is generally the fastest, is the default, and should give best results for most apps and games.

“Anti-Stutter” mode is quite a bit slower, but for some apps and games is needed to make them run smoothly (those are marked with a * in the list below). This mode generally slows all the other apps and games down!

After installation there is an app in your Start Menu called “glModeSwitch”. This app switches between “Normal” and “Anti-Stutter” mode – yes, it needs an icon, and no, I have not figured out a way to auto-select the mode yet.

This patch has been tested (at least somewhat) with the following apps and games:

  • glBenchmark
  • “Test OpenGL”
  • A few of my own OpenGL test tools
  • Sense
  • SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 (HW accel)
  • Opera Mobile (GL mode, see this post by Tung_meister)
  • Cubespace
  • NFS Undercover [v0.1.5 doesn’t seem to work nice, but v17 does?]
  • Electopia Demo
  • Boom Blox *
  • Tower Defense **
  • Flight Commander *
  • Monopoly World *
  • Xtrakt
  • Experiment 13

Stock HD2 vs Patch 1.1

GLBenchmark HD ES 1.1: 487% ~ 1598 Frames up from 328
GLBenchmark HD ES 1.1 no GPU Skinning: 502% ~ 1647 Frames up from 328
GLBenchmark PRO ES 1.1: 107% ~ 229 Frames up from 215
GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 no GPU Skinning: 157% ~ 625 Frames up from 397
Swapbuffer speed: 496% ~ 556 up from 112

Averages: Lights: 116% ~ 1550 kTriangles/s up from 1350
Averages: Texture Filter: 159% ~ 2150 kTriangles/s up from 1350
Averages: Texture Size: 158% ~ 2150 kTriangles/s up from 1350
Averages: Triangles: 161% ~ 2150 kTriangles/s up from 1350

This has only been tested on the HD2 (Leo). It may be compatible with the TG-01 and S200, though those don’t seem to have the same issues the Leo does. If you’re going to try it on one of those devices, please do share the results.


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