HTC Eternity – Windows Phone Mango and 4.7″ display


At the moment, HTC HD7 has the biggest screen compared with the other models with Windows Phone 7, but that will change when HTC present their new model named HTC Eternity. It has a huge Super LCD display with WVGA resolution and size of the unbelievable 4.7 inches. On the one hand, it will be very suitable especially for surfing in the internet and playing games, but on the other hand the size of display is prerequisite for the size of the phone and it can be uncomfortable to hold it in one hand while you are doing something different on it. Besides the big screen, the phone also has a single core processor which is working at 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, WI-Fi, 8MP camera with auto focus, double LED flash and HD video recording in 720p. It has 16GB storage memory to save your memories, music, games and etc. As we know, the phone is powered by Windows Phone Mango and for his life is caring a big battery with capacity of 1850 mAh.

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