HTC Diamond 7 Megapixel Panorama Hack

d0ugie over at found a nice registry tweak to turn your Panoramic photos from the standard (1408 x 480) 0.67mp to (4506×1536) 6.92mp. This registry change seems to work for the HTC Diamond / HTC Touch Pro / HTC Fuze / HTC Touch HD.

You can apply the below registry change yourself. Or install to your device and install. Thanks to d0ugie for creating the .cab

Registry Change:

Adjust MainCamCaptSize to 1024 and MainCamSupportCaptSize to 1744.

[REG] 7 megapixel panorama tweak

So fire up your favorite registry editor (like the one attached) and make the changes or try the cab which may work then reboot the phone, start the camera, switch your way to panorama and, if you’re in the mood, post here advising if it worked or not. If you’re paranoid, write down the original registry settings for those two entries or export the P3 section before you mess with it.

Original source:


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