HTC developing their own processor

HTC's processor
HTC developing their own processor


According to recent rumors, HTC have decided to follow the path of Samsung and Apple and develop their own processor to power their mobile devices. Actually the Taiwanese company won’t be working on their own – ST-Ericsson is also going to take part in the project. The companies’ goal is to create an cheap and energy-efficient processor to be featured in lower-end smartphones. HTC may even release a budget phone to compete with Huawei and ZTE – the Chinese manufacturers, which currently dominate the lower-end market in a lot of countries.

HTC are also though to be trying to distance themselves from Qualcomm – the company, on which they have relied so far for the processors in most of their smartphones. Earlier this year the taiwanese company said, they were looking into the possibilities of using different manufacturers for the main components in their devices and later on they released the HTC One X – a high-end smartphone, which uses a Tegra 3 processor. In the US, though, this phone is being sold with a Qualcomm processor, because of their LTE connectivity support. B. A.

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