How to: Free up some system memory

If You are a lucky guy to have one of the latest Windows Mobile powered devices (HTC DIamond, Touch Pro, TyTN II etc.) that comes with 128 or 256 MB RAM, this guide is for all other users with 64 MB RAM Pocket PC’s – some tips how-to free up system memory.

One of the first things you should to do – go to “Settings” > “System” and click on “Error Reporting”. Make sure its disabled (we don’t need that service).

Next step – go to “Windows” > “Start Up” folder, and check how many things You have there, see what really needs to start up with the OS, and delete others:

Now, let’s go for some software 😛 – Oxios Memory, it’s a freeware tool that attempts to release as much memory as possible without damaging the internal state of the Windows Mobile device (Pocket PC or Smartphone). Oxios CloseApps closes down other applications by sending “Close” messages. Oxios Memory have two options:

Oxios Hibernate 1.40

WM_HIBERNATE is a window message that is generated by the Windows operating system and sent to an application when system resources are running low. All applications should get the message and handle it by attempting to release as many resources as possible by unloading processes, destroying windows, or freeing up as much local storage as possible without damaging the internal state of the system. Oxios Hibernate sends WM_HIBERNATE to all applications:

Oxios CloseApps 1.40

Each process started on a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone allocates memory, which cannot be released but is automatically freed when the application process ends.
Oxios CloseApps closes down all applications by sending WM_CLOSE messages.


Second tool that we can use, it’s a very powerfull utility program for Windows Mobile with many functions, but today we will take a look at the option called “FreeUP RAM”.

This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM, send hibernation message, compact heaps, limitate the “memory low” situation, close tasks and also a scheduler for silent background start.


Oxios Memory

SKTools (It’s not freeware)


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