How to: ActiveSync connection via Bluetooth I will show you how to setup ActiveSync connection (and internet sharing) via Bluetooth using Bluesoleil (software that comes with almost every Bluetooth dongle).

1. Install your Bluetooth adapter (and the Bluesoleil software), restart the computer.

2. Kill all ActiveSync system processes via Task Manager – wcescomm.exe and rapimgr.exe

3. Now, open the Bluesoleil settings tab – right click on “My Device Properties” and go to “Accessibility” tab, make sure all boxes are checked, next step go to “Serial Ports” tab, see all available ports and remember them (use in step 5):

4. Next step – go to your Pocket PC device, make a Bluetooth connection with the computer and add it to Bluesoleil Bluetooth devices.

5. Start ActiveSync, go to “File” > “Connection Settings” and check all boxes like in the picture (for COM Port set one of ports from step 3):

6. Start ActiveSync on your Pocket PC and go to “Menu” > “Connect via Bluetooth” if everything is alright, your device is synchronized and connected to the interent.

Here is the video:

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