Hide today screen lines

This new registry edit comes much too late, now that everyone is moving away from the today screen to custom interfaces, but for those that prefer the simple and information-centric interface, this new registry setting, discovered in the Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM, will come as if from heaven.

For years the bane of a beautiful Today screen theme was the horizontal lines separating each item. It seems Microsoft has been hiding the setting to remove these annoying lines for some time. The registry edit to remove them are:

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Today add a new DWord key with name “HidePluginSeparators” and value 1

Soft-reset after the edit.

This registry edit does not work in all ROM’s and may be a new feature only added in the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM’s. Try it out and let us know the results of your efforts.



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