Hid.im can Hide your Torrent Files through Image Formats

The Hid.im is the service that is definitely useful for people who want to secure their torrent files through converting it into image formats. This will let them upload or download files in any image or web hosting sites. This will also allow them to post images on social sites without getting censored. If you are the person who really wants to hide you torrent files in an image, the Hid.im is really suitable for you.

The service will let you easily change the format of your torrent files into image files for the purpose of securing or
hiding them. You can also change them back again in the old format easily and only Hid.im can allow you to do this. The service is really useful because there are really a lot of social sites that are greatly moderated and is very choosy in terms of the files that you uploaded or downloaded. People can just use the service to make them a lot more capable in using many social sites. When you have already converted your torrent files, you can just easily give or share it to anyone easily and also, to any other social web hosting sites. You will not have difficulties in using the service because you can just do everything in amazing few clicks. The purpose of this service is really to help people to have access in more social sites and download more files easily. This service is really useful especially if you encounter sites that do not allow torrent files.
Decode the image and convert it back to a torrent file


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