HardSPL for HTC S740 (HTC Rose)


For all HTC S740 users – now you can HardSPL your device and flash it with custom ROMs 🙂


1. connect your ROSE with your PC by USB cable and boot into Windows Mobile
2. wait until ActiveSync is ready (icon green)
3. run “flash-hardspl.bat” to flash the HardSPL. It will create a backup of your current SPL
(called “spl-backup.bin”) and creates a file “check.bin” in subdirectory “1” (for diagnostic purposes)
4. the phone will be rebooted automatically
5. you can now flash any cooked or original rom, splash screen or radio rom


– if your device is application locked the batch file will run with errors. To app unlock your device
Download PHM Registry Editor – v0.70 from here:

Copy it to your device and execute it.

Modify this registry key:
HKLM/Security/Policies/Policies/0000101B if set to dword:2, change it to dword:1

Reset using power button and try again.

Alternatively run the cab posted: here

– the HardSPL is based on the SPL v1.54.0000 (Rose, Shipped) for ROSE with modelID ROSE100 (check your modelID in battery compartment)
– a quick verification for correct installation is to boot into SPL tri-colour bootloader screen. In the top-left corner it should display “1.54.Hard”
– to flash back the stock SPL 1.54.0000 run “flash-stock-1.54.0000.bat”
– to flash your original SPL run “flash-your-backup.bat”

More info here

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