GScroll for the Touch Pro and Diamond

GScroll has three bits of functionality. Swipe scrolling, 3D scrolling, and program launching. The first, swipe scrolling, allows you to swipe your finger up and down on the touch area, so that you can move through icons or scroll down a page, like in PIE. Then, the 3D scrolling will allow you to tilt the device in all directions to move left/right/up/down. Both of these methods of scrolling work generally well, but I wish that the sensitivity could be adjusted. Also, I had problems enabling and disabling the 3D scrolling which can only be done with a light double tap and single tap (respectively) of the center of the D-Pad.

Then, we have the program launching aspect of GScroll, which allows you to assign four programs to the four hardware keys. A light double tap will open the program. Since the Touch Pro and Diamond don’t have many programmable hardware keys out of the box, this is much welcome addition.

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